This soccer sports complex is located in the northern part of the capital with twenty minutes transport availability  to the city


  • A soccer pitch with natural grass 
  • A soccer pitch with artificial grass lined by tartan track 
  • 6 dressing rooms shower/WC 
  • A smaller gym
  • outdoor tennis courts 
  • A sauna
  • A whirlpool

Accommodation and catering 

Accommodation is provided in the hotel with a capacity of 45 beds in four-bed rooms - all with own shower and toilet,  of which two beds are placed at the bottom of the room and two at the top, to which is access via a wooden staircase. Catering is provided by a restaurant with an own kitchen. Part of the restaurant is  a daily bar and a terrace with views of the area.


The capital of the country Prague with its 1. Of 200,000 inhabitants, offers countless opportunities how to spend one's leisure time besides the sporting activities. Whether you stroll along the king's way from the Powder Tower  through Old town square, Charles bridge, Neruda street to the Prague castle or use a wide range of pubs, restaurants and cafes. Even those interested in activities in the later evening, do not come in short. Available to them are the music and the night clubs including discotheques.