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Invites you to participate in soccer events or tournaments, which give you many pleasant and interesting experiences in the country where the football more than a century of tradition has. The concept of as the "iron Sparta" and the names of the Košek, Pilate, Káďa, Coup, Plánička, Bican from the pre-war era, or players like Masopust (the holder of the Golden ball for the year 1962), Novák, Pluskal , Kvašńák, Viktor, Panenka  from the post-war history left behind football monuments in the form of silver medals from the World Championship in  Rome from the year 1931, from Chile 1962 or from Belgrade on European Championship in  the year 1976, where our national team board arriving to the gold for the victory in the tournament. On the achievements of these generations has established the Czech national team in 1996, on ME in England, when in the final game in London at Wembley just succumbed to the favorite of the Germans. Some of the players from this silver a whole have fallen into the crosshairs of scouts known european clubs where after the cup headed Šmicer, Nedvěd (holder of the Golden ball best player of Europe for the year 2003), Poborský, Kadlec, Kouba, Berger. The remarkable success has reached even the Czech U21 that won gold medals on the European Championship of this category in the year 2002 in Switzerland.  From this generation name first of  all of Petr Cech, who already have many seasons to defend the goal of london's Chelsea (now he ïs in Arsenal). The outstanding success of the achieve of the Czech national team in the 2004 on European Championship in Portugal, where with bad luck lost  in the semifinal to the later winner of the Greece. The Czech  U-20 brought silver medals from Canada in the year 2007.