The town Pilsen with 170.000  inhabitans (fourth biggest one in the Czech Republic)  is situated 90 km west of Prague.  There is a historical town, which has been founded behest the bohemian King Wencelslas the the year 1295. Pilsen town is world famous  especially for its Pilsner Urquell beer.  This golden drink has been consuming since the brewery foundation. There was a historical year 1838, when  the councilmen of the town had decided to built a new modern brewery. We reccommend you to see the homepage: , to watch in 3 D different pilsen sights. The town Pilsen is not only well known for its excellent beer and machinery but for top ice hockey and soccer too.


Pilsen sport facilities include

  • An ice hockey hall ( five years in order only)  with two rinks, one is for  seating and standing 1000 spectators
  • 10 dressing rooms with shower/WC
  •  A fitness center with weights and exercise machines
  • A restaurant, snack bar 
  • A solarium


You can choice among hotels directly in the city or nearby the ice hockey hall. All of them are ranked in three stars category:

  • two hotels with 2/3/4 person rooms with shower/WC which can accomodate up to 50 guests
  • one hotel 2/3/4 person rooms with shower/WC which can accommodate up to 80 guests


 This town offers a lot of possibilities in your off ice time, a lot of pubs and of course  famous pilsen night club PAMELA - see the pictures. We are recommending to  undertake  excursion in the pilsen brewery anyway as well.