The town Cheb with 33.000 inhabitans is most west located city in the Czech Republic, lying near the bavarian border has a rich history. The first mention of its emergence date back to the beginning of the 11.century. This date determines that the city has architectural landmarks involving all historical periods up to the present. Cheb live lively social and cultural life and its infrastructure regarding shopping opportunities, accommodation and gastronomic services is at a high level. Your training camp will take place in the local ice-arena, whose exterior and the inner part are very well done aligned into one compact unit. Stadium, audience  and locker rooms are shining  with cleanliness and spaciousness. Above the ice rink is located in the Sports bar, from where it is possible to watch through the glass  events on the ice.  Accommodation and meals are provided in a three-star hotel in the heart of the city.


  • An ice hockey hall seating  1.500.spectators
  • 17 dressing rooms with shower/WC
  •  A Sport bar


is organised in the hotel  situated  directly on pedestrian zone. There are at disposal over 100 beds in  2/3/4 rooms with shower and WC. 


Thanks to optimal hotel location you can make your choice to visit numerous cafés, restaurants and in the night some of the disco clubs.